Plexus Slim Scam – You Be The Judge

The concept of a Plexus Slim scam seems very possible, in light of how often you hear about internet marketing systems being scams.  While a review of comments made across the internet about Plexus Slim will bring up a given number of scam concerns, the proof is in the number of complaints actually being filed with the Better Business Bureau and being posted on sites like

Let’s state the objective facts.  Plexus Worldwide is a multilevel marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.   The company was established in 2011 and is focused on marketing and selling natural weight loss supplements.

At its core are three main products.  The products include Plexus Slim, an Accelerator and Probio5.  Plexus Slim is a drink mix used to function as an appetite suppressant, the Accelerator is a capsule used to augment the effects of the Plexus Slim drink mix and Probio5 which is a natural means of eliminating fungal infections, skin issues, headaches and premenstrual symptoms.

Knowing that these products come with a 60 day money back guarantee makes a Plimus Slim scam that much less likely.

The company offers the opportunity to become an independent business distributor for a very low annual membership fee.  By becoming a member, you can earn an income based on your volume of product sales, by helping others become independent business distributors and if you build a big enough organization by earning commissions based on the sales of those you have recruited.

Based on our research, we were hard pressed to find complaints about the company or its products.  In fact, since the company was founded, there has been only 1 complaint filed with the BBB and that complaint was resolved in short order.  In contrast, you will find a multitude of positive comments made about the company, its products and the effectiveness of those products on many internet web sites and forums.

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Plexus Slim Reviews – What You Need To Know

As you scour the internet for Plexus Slim reviews, you will most certainly find rave reviews about the company and its products.  In addition, you will find an overwhelming number of favorable testimonials.

We are not suggesting that the claims made are an exaggeration, but we do advocate understanding the motivation of the author and recommend gathering enough information to make an informed choice about becoming a customer, or independent business owner in association with Plexus Slim.

The company is based in Arizona and the core product known as Plexus Slim is described by the company as being a great tasting powdered drink mix that functions to assist in weight loss.  The company suggests that the product is capable of helping you regulate your blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol level as well as other benefits.

Plexus Slim is claimed to contain “all natural ingredients” and specifically contains no caffeine, no gluten and contains a combination of Stevia and Lohan for sweetening.

Plexus Slim reviews generally show a very positive response to the product both with respect to the flavor of the mix as well as the time it takes to reduce weight and minimize inches around the waist.

There are additional products promoted by the company besides the core Plexus Slim appetite suppressant.  They offer an accelerator capsule that improves the effectiveness of Plexus Slim as well as a product that improves digestive health.

Plexus Slim has a direct sales program that allows you to be a customer and also sell the products as a representative and earn commissions.  Not only can you earn money based on the sales of the products, but you can also generate an income based on the number of people you help also become company distributors.

The start up cost is minimal and the commission structure is generous.  That being said, it would be atypical to generate thousands of dollars in sales during the early going.  It does take time to develop your business as it would any business.

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Visalus Shakes Reviews – Unbiased, Honest & Truthful

Are you burdened with the thought that the Visalus Shakes reviews you may be reading are less than honest, fair, or accurate?

In this article, we will share our opinion of Visalus “The  Company,” provide a review of the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes and add some insight as to what you should watch for when reading reviews on the company and its products.

We are in a unique position because we have no bias.  We are not Visalus distributors and we have no financial interest in the company or the sale of its products.

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes get overall excellent ratings from users of the product.  The reports are favorable regarding taste and from a weight control or weight loss perspective.

While the shake itself is only available in a basic Sweet Cream flavor, there are many varieties of Mix-Ins that can be used to enhance the flavor.  In addition, fruit can be added to blend the shake into a smoothy-like shake.  The shake mix can be added to water or milk.

Visalus compares the cost of the Vi-Shape Shake to several other companies also offering weight loss-type shakes with a spread sheet.  Slimfast to Herbalife shake mixes are compared.  Our concern with this comparison chart is that the price is indicated at approximately a cost of $1.50 per shake.  In reality, unless you intend to drink the same essentially tasteless Vi-Shape basic shake twice per day for months on end, you will likely want to purchase some of the different Vi-Shape Shape Mixes to offer a little flavor variety.

In most Visalus Shakes reviews, you will not find product pricing mentioned or clearly explained.

If you decide that you’d like to add one of the many flavor mixes available, expect to add an additional $1.50 to $2.00 to the cost of each shake.  This doesn’t mean you should forget about spending $3 to $3.50 per shake, the information is intended to help clarify what you real cost is as compared to what is suggested by Visalus and the company representatives.

Keep in mind that not all Visalus Shakes reviews are unbiased and while you would be wise to be aware of any underlying motivation, we believe the product is enjoyed and found to an effective weight loss tool by the majority of those reporting.

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Posted in Home Business Reviews | Tagged , , | Leave a comment – Is There A Silver Lining? is the official web site of the multilevel marketing company known as Numis Network.  Numis Network’s multilevel marketing business opportunity focuses on the collecting of ANACS MS-70 graded silver coins.

The concept has been around for many years, but other companies have failed in their attempts to maintain a successful multilevel marketing opportunity in this space.

With Numis Network, you have a couple of different options regarding your involvement.  You can simply purchase gold and silver coins or bullion from company distributors, or you can become a distributor yourself and have the advantage of being able to collect gold and silver while earning a commission by helping others also become distributors.

The timing of this multilevel marketing business is perfect.  Since Numis Network opened for business, the price of gold has tripled.

The company slogan is, “Coins are Cool” and the ANACS MS-70 graded silver coins are in perfect, uncirculated condition.

When you become a company representative, you will receive your first silver coin, a storage case for your coins, a DVD giving you an extensive history on silver coins and a CD to help you start marketing your independent business.

It costs about $600 to join Numis Network and you will be required to purchase one silver coin per month via auto-ship.  The monthly coin purchase will run you around $130 per month, but the price will fluctuate based on the price of silver that month.  So, expect your first year minimum overhead to be not less than $2000.

Not unlike most multilevel marketing opportunities, it will take time, effort and additional marketing dollars to generate enough leads that will lead to sales.  So, don’t be mislead by the hype.  Your monthly obligation to purchase silver coins will not stop, even if you do not recruit anyone into the Numis Network system, or make any coin sales.

Keep in mind that you will likely never be able to sell the same coins for more than you paid Numis Network.  You will find out from your local coin dealers, jewelers and by looking at completed Ebay sales that most of the coins will re-sell for about 1/2 to 2/3 what you paid for them.

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FreeLife Scam – Can The System Be Trusted?

Are you at risk of being caught in a FreeLife scam?  Can this multilevel marketing system be trusted?  We will explore these questions as we go through our review of FreeLife.

In 1995, Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier established a multilevel marketing company called FreeLife.  The company focuses on supplying nutritional supplements and is best known for promoting a product known as Himalayan Goji Juice.  The juice is made from goji berries.

The vision of Ray Faltinsky was to create a direct sales company that could distribute their products worldwide.

Initially, the company product line consisted of nutritional supplements, weight loss products, shampoo and personal care products.  However, the company has now focused its energy on promoting two products; Himalayan Goji Juice and a newer product named GoChi.

Being built on the multilevel marketing model, products are sold by independent sales representatives.  Representatives earn commissions based on their sales as well as the sales of those distributors they have recruited into the system.

As part of the FreeLife scam concern, FreeLife’s former spokesperson, Earl Mindell has made bold, unfounded claims about the health benefits of Himalayan Goji Juice.  Mindell claimed that the Himalayan Goji Juice possessed anti-cancer and anti-aging properties.  This claim was captured on a hidden camera investigation in 2007.

FreeLife funded and carried out its own research regarding the effects of its Goji Juice product.  Not surprisingly, the results of their research showed a positive effect on mood and elevated levels of antioxidants in the blood.  The obvious concerns with this study include a conflict of interest, experimenter bias and weak experimental design.

To date, there has been no scientific evidence to support the beneficial effects claimed by FreeLife, its distributors, or executives within the company.

In addition, Mindell made claims that he held a PhD.  This was later proven to be untrue.

In 2009, a class action lawsuit was filed against FreeLife International which alleged false claims, misrepresentations, false and deceptive advertising and other concerns regarding FreeLife’s Himalayan Goji Juice, GoChi and TaiSlim products.

A settlement was reached in 2010.

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Nature’s Sunshine Scam – What You Should Know

In our review of Nature’s Sunshine Scam, we will provide you with an overview of the company, the history behind it, an understanding of the business model, a list of products associated with the company and an explanation of the legal troubles faced by Nature’s Sunshine Products.

Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) was founded in 1972 by the Hughes family.  The mission statement of the company was “create a better world.”  The company is located in Provo, Utah and has a manufacturing plant located in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The company manufactures and sells products dealing with weight loss management, allergy remedies, colon cleaning, digestive health, energy and fitness, children’s health and stress management.

The company employs a direct marketing, or multilevel marketing business model in which their products are sold to consumers by company representatives who earn commissions based on their sales and bonuses based on the sales of other representatives they have recruited into the system.

Nature’s Sunshine regularly donates time, money and supplements to “The Little Heroes Foundation.”  Nature’s Sunshine is a large contributor in terms of money and supplements to children’s hospitals and organizations worldwide.

While those efforts are very honorable in deed, the company is not without controversy.

In 2009, Nature’s Sunshine agreed to pay $600K in fines after being charged by the SEC with having bribed Brazilian officials with more than $1 million in 2000 and 2001.  The goal of this was to import unregistered nutritional products into the country and then falsify its books to hide the payments.

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Metabolife Reviews – What You Need To Know

In this article we will present a summation of Metabolife reviews that will hopefully help you decide whether or not this is a company you would be best suited to do business with.

Metabolife is a multilevel marketing company based in San Diego, California and founded in the early 1990′s.  The company is known for manufacturing and distributing dietary supplements.

Metabolife’s all time best selling supplement was Metablife 356 which generated hundreds of millions dollars for the company annually.

Metabolife 356 contained ephedra which has been linked to serious adverse events and death.  Due to the number of deaths linked to the use of this product, the U.S. F.D.A. banned the sale of ephedra containing dietary products in 2004.

Metabolife’s founder and former police officer,  Michael Ellis was convicted of lying to the FDA and concealing evidence of dangers associated with the use of ephedra.  In addition, the company and owner were convicted income tax evasion.

Michael Ellis was succeeded by David Brown as CEO in September 2000.  In 2008, Brown went on to  serve as CEO of Life Vantage, the maker of Protandim supplements.

Metabolife’s ephedra supplement was originally marketed as a body building supplement but was rebranded in 1995 as a diet aid.

Metabolife, its founders and CEO’s have undergone extreme scrutiny, jail time and paid steep penalties for making false statements to the FDA in an effort to obstruct the regulation of ephedra as well as for filing fraudulent tax returns.

In 2005, Metabolife filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and in 2007 a company known as Ideasphere, Inc. acquired Metabolife’s non-ephedra assets.

You will still find Metabolife reviews due to a great deal of controversy surrounding the company and product history.

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Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher – D.W.S. Rip-Off Report

Have you received a postcard or email invitation from a Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher, who represents an organization he calls D.W.S. (Doctors Wealth Secrets)?

If you have not, I’m going to share with you my personal experience and explain why it would be wise to run far and run fast from anything he puts in front of you or tells you.

To begin, while he technically does have a doctoral degree in Chiropractic studies, he is not a licensed chiropractor, according to the Nebraska department of health and human services.

Jeff Uhrmacher has a history of filing for bankruptcy protection and of starting a company he calls D.W.S. (Doctors Wealth Secrets).

He preys primarily on medical practitioners and baby boomers who may have a little disposable income.  He advertizes to these groups, leads them to believe that he can be trusted to provide an exceptional return on your money by using his “system” in which you do nothing more than provide him with weekly access to charge your credit card for his “services.”

To sweeten the deal and convince you to make weekly payments to him, he may offer a “guarantee” that if you don’t reach a certain return on your investment, he will will refund 100% of your money at the end of a 52 week contract period.

Many have fallen victim to his inflated claims and misrepresentations.  Tens of thousands of dollars have been charged to credit cards without any return on investments.

If the fact that uses his “doctor” title isn’t enough to convince you to trust and join his “system” the “guarantee” he offers may.  However, at some point you will discover that the “guarantee” is bogus.  He will change the terms of the agreement in mid-stream.

Despite an original agreement to pay him a fixed amount of money weekly for 52 weeks guaranteeing a substantial return on your investment, or your money back, Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher will change the terms of the agreement at will.  At some point during the 52 week period, he will tell you that the weekly expense rate must be increased due to an increase in his marketing budget and if you don’t pay the increased rate, you will void the contract thereby losing all of your investment.

To use a real example, he has “guaranteed” verbally and in writing that if you allow him to charge your credit card $380 per week for 52 weeks that he will return $85K on your investment, or return 100% of your money.

Do not believe it!  As you come close to the term of your agreement and realize there is no way he will return $1 let alone thousands on your money, he will tell you that in order to maintain the agreement you will need to pay him $810 per week until the end of the contract period, or you will be in breach of contract and lose your entire investment.

I urge you to avoid this scam, or if you have been burned by this charlatan please contact me and share your experience.






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Herbalife Complaints You Should Be Aware Of

Herbalife complaints and lawsuit information can be found in abundance across the internet.

We will attempt to summarize what Herbalife is, what the company does and why you should be aware of the many concerns, complaints and legal issues that have been attached to the company and it’s  associates.

Herbalife is a global nutrition, weight loss and skin health multilevel marketing company.

The company became publicly held in 1982, incorporated in the Cayman Islands and it’s ticker on the NYSE is HLF.

Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, after his mother’s premature death associated with an eating disorder and unhealthy approach to weight loss.

Mark’s goal was to change nutritional habits all over the world.

The main product of the company was a protein shake designed to help people manage their weight.

A multilevel marketing model was adopted to spread the word about the product, it’s benefits and allowed distributors of the products to earn an income.

The company slogan became “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How.”  The slogan was adopted as a marketing theme used by distributors of Herbalife.

In 1985, the California Attorney General sued the company for making inflated claims about the efficacy of 9 of the company’s products.  The suit was settled out of court to the tune of $850K.

In the early going, the Heralife products contained a product known as Ma Huang which is a Chinese herb containing Ephedra.  Ephedra is linked to increased risk of systemic hypertension and stroke.  In 2004 the FDA banned substances containing Ephedra.

In 2007 and 2011 doctors in Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Iceland, Argentina and the United States discovered numerous cases of hepatitis and liver disease associated with the consumption of Herbalife products.

From a business perspective, In 2004, a class action suit was settled  on behalf of 8,700 former and current distributors that accused the company and distributors of “essentially running a pyramid scheme.” A total of $6 million was to be paid out, with Herbalife not admitting guilt.

There have been additional law suits settled by Herbalife in West Virginia and California citing deceptive advertising practices at the core of these Herbalife complaints.

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Protandim Scam – What You Need To Know

Concerns regarding a Protandim scam are circulating throughout the internet.

In this article, we will try to provide you with information you can use to better decide if the business opportunity LifeVantage has to offer and the products they have to sell are in your best interest.

As you may know, Protandim is the flag-ship product of a company called LifeVantage.

The company uses celebrities such as Donny Osmond and Montel Williams as spokes-people for the company and the products. They are in fact distributors for LifeVantage and swear by the benefits they have experienced using Protandim.

Protandim is touted to be an anti-aging, super antioxidant supplement developed after decades of research by the chief science officer, Joe McCord, who earned a PhD. in biochemistry from Duke University in 1970.

LifeVantage makes the claim that by taking the supplement for 30 days you can reduce your oxidative stress levels to that of a 20 year old.  A claim of this magnitude may make some prospective customers concerned about a Protandim scam.

Oxidative stress is the mechanism by which damage occurs due to environmental effects, the aging process and other nature and unnatural causes for cellular death.

In layman’s terms, the cells in your body “rust” or “oxidize” as you age. LifeVantage claims that this age related process can be slowed by consuming Protandim every day.

LifeVantage also has a business component. That component is that it is a multilevel marketing company.

In order to participate as a distributor, receive discounts on Protandim and have the opportunity to make money by recruiting others to also become members, you will need to commit to purchase Protandim products on an auto-ship basis every month.

The fee to become a LifeVantage member and have the right to earn income as a distributor as well as receive the maximum discount on Protandim products is in excess of $600.

The monthly minimum purchase for Protandim supplements and to maintain your status as a distributor is in excess of $200.

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