– Is There A Silver Lining? is the official web site of the multilevel marketing company known as Numis Network.  Numis Network’s multilevel marketing business opportunity focuses on the collecting of ANACS MS-70 graded silver coins.

The concept has been around for many years, but other companies have failed in their attempts to maintain a successful multilevel marketing opportunity in this space.

With Numis Network, you have a couple of different options regarding your involvement.  You can simply purchase gold and silver coins or bullion from company distributors, or you can become a distributor yourself and have the advantage of being able to collect gold and silver while earning a commission by helping others also become distributors.

The timing of this multilevel marketing business is perfect.  Since Numis Network opened for business, the price of gold has tripled.

The company slogan is, “Coins are Cool” and the ANACS MS-70 graded silver coins are in perfect, uncirculated condition.

When you become a company representative, you will receive your first silver coin, a storage case for your coins, a DVD giving you an extensive history on silver coins and a CD to help you start marketing your independent business.

It costs about $600 to join Numis Network and you will be required to purchase one silver coin per month via auto-ship.  The monthly coin purchase will run you around $130 per month, but the price will fluctuate based on the price of silver that month.  So, expect your first year minimum overhead to be not less than $2000.

Not unlike most multilevel marketing opportunities, it will take time, effort and additional marketing dollars to generate enough leads that will lead to sales.  So, don’t be mislead by the hype.  Your monthly obligation to purchase silver coins will not stop, even if you do not recruit anyone into the Numis Network system, or make any coin sales.

Keep in mind that you will likely never be able to sell the same coins for more than you paid Numis Network.  You will find out from your local coin dealers, jewelers and by looking at completed Ebay sales that most of the coins will re-sell for about 1/2 to 2/3 what you paid for them.

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