Nutrilite Scam – Should You Be Concerned?

While you may read about a Nutrilite scam on some internet web sites and blog sites, Nutrilite has only had one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau over the past three years.

Nutrilite is the largest selling brand within the stable of products offered by the Amway corporation.

Nutrilite carries an A + rating by the BBB and the one reported complaint concerning the ineffectiveness of the Nutrilite brand weight loss supplements was quickly addressed and remedied by the company.

Billions of dollars are spent globally each year on the Nutrilite brand of vitamins and supplements. In fact, more than 3 billion dollars was spent on Nutrilite products in 2008.

In 2009 Amway corporation announced a voluntary recall of the Nutrilite XS Energy Bars after learning that the product may have been contaminated with Salmonella contaminated ingredients that came from a peanut processing plant.

Nutrilite has been recognized as one of the most trusted brands in the supplement and nutrition market.  This has been particularly true in Asia where Nutrilite was identified in a Reader’s Digest survey as having won several awards in the health food category.

An independent market research firm determined that 96% of customers using the Nutrilite brand of supplements were very satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of the products.

While there are many posts on the internet expressing concerns about a Nutrilite scam, if there are legitimate concerns, we wonder why more complaints are not being registered with the BBB.

With a level of consumer satisfaction and a BBB rating that high, it is unlikely that the products themselves are worthy of the label “Nutrilite scam.”

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