Plexus Slim Scam – You Be The Judge

The concept of a Plexus Slim scam seems very possible, in light of how often you hear about internet marketing systems being scams.  While a review of comments made across the internet about Plexus Slim will bring up a given number of scam concerns, the proof is in the number of complaints actually being filed with the Better Business Bureau and being posted on sites like

Let’s state the objective facts.  Plexus Worldwide is a multilevel marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.   The company was established in 2011 and is focused on marketing and selling natural weight loss supplements.

At its core are three main products.  The products include Plexus Slim, an Accelerator and Probio5.  Plexus Slim is a drink mix used to function as an appetite suppressant, the Accelerator is a capsule used to augment the effects of the Plexus Slim drink mix and Probio5 which is a natural means of eliminating fungal infections, skin issues, headaches and premenstrual symptoms.

Knowing that these products come with a 60 day money back guarantee makes a Plimus Slim scam that much less likely.

The company offers the opportunity to become an independent business distributor for a very low annual membership fee.  By becoming a member, you can earn an income based on your volume of product sales, by helping others become independent business distributors and if you build a big enough organization by earning commissions based on the sales of those you have recruited.

Based on our research, we were hard pressed to find complaints about the company or its products.  In fact, since the company was founded, there has been only 1 complaint filed with the BBB and that complaint was resolved in short order.  In contrast, you will find a multitude of positive comments made about the company, its products and the effectiveness of those products on many internet web sites and forums.

If you are searching for an honest, ethical way to earn an income online and would like to take advantage of FREE training and a FREE income generating website, take a look at our top recommendation.

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