Reliv Scam – Fact or Fiction?

Today, with an ever increasing financial burden on the monthly household income, home business has become a buzzword for the young & old alike. It is not surprising to see 1 million search results for “home based business” searched for every second from Google. However, most of the companies we come across have false claims, broken promises and untold conditions. Hopefully, the following review will allow you to judge if a Reliv scam is a legitimate concern.

What is Reliv ? Reliv is an established company dealing with  Nutritional and Health wellness products. The company has a multilevel marketing model with approximately 60,000 distributors.  Those interested in starting a home based business with Reliv have the opportunity to earn an income by selling Reliv products to their relatives, neighbors, or folks in their social circles.

Studying the company website, with clinical trial approved products and patented products, Reliv undoubtedly has a solid stable of products which can make for a great home business opportunity. The products are on the expensive side because of multilevel profit margins for the ambassadors and distributors.

In recent times, many company websites have claimed to be associated with Reliv, but upon closer inspection, these claims prove to be false.  If we really look closer at the marketing model of Reliv, it appears genuine.  The company training emphasizes sales to family and friends.  However,  this is far too small of a group to only target, if your goal is to earn a full-time income as a Reliv distributor.  The question concerning a Reliv scam has also been raised due to some improperly settled product claims.
Is the Reliv scam a legitimate concern?  We feel that Relive poses no threat.  As long as you understand the pros and the cons of the program, realize the time and financial commitment you’ll be making and feel confident in the products and support associated with the company, you will do well starting your own Reliv internet marketing business.

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